#CETDesignerUC 2016

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Join us in Grand Rapids, MI on October 18 - 19 for the 9th annual CET Designer User Conference.

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Same city. New records.

Location Grand Rapids, MI
Event 7th annual #CETDesignerUC
Status Completed

The 7th annual CET Designer User Conference – held Oct. 22-23 at DeVos Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan – is another one for the record books. Over 260 attendees, more presentations than ever, our awesome keynote speaker Primo Orpilla of Studio O+A, and, well, a Halloween party that just might’ve outdone the ones we’ve hosted in Vegas! Let’s just say ... you had to be there.

But, if you weren’t, we’ve created this web page so you can catch up – and consider attending next year!

Well be posting more here soon – including videos of the keynote and other presentations. So check back!

CET Designer Awards

Best rendering

1 Isela Cadena - Papsa
1 Jaime Micha Mizrahi - Papsa
1 Fernanda Meza - Steelcase Mexico

Best video

1 Debbie McGowan - Tangram Interiors
1 Shay O'Malley-Langer - Fluid Interiors
1 Calli Elmer - bkm OfficeWorks

Sucess story

1 Isela Cadena - Papsa
1 Chelsea Keiller - Red Thread
1 Noura Salem - Empire Office


  • Heidi Dellekamp

    Winning with CET Designer

  • Cate Sword

    Innovative & Advanced ways to use CET Designer

  • Peter Brandinger and Brooke Snow

    CET Designer and Business Strategy Discussion for Dealer Management

  • Laura Masters

    Revit 101 - A&D perspective

  • Rachelle Schoessler

    Sustainable Materials - How to Make the Best Choices

  • Melissa Price

    Embracing Company Culture through Design

  • Jim Ryerson

    Everyone Sells - What is the Secret?

  • Mike Tadros

    SketchUp Fundamentals

  • Tara McCrackin and Kelsey DeBruin

    Using CET Designer in Universities

  • Rob Kirkbride

    Global Observations of the Furniture Industry

  • Magnus Carlgren

    Edit Graphics

  • Kendra Steinhaus

    Photo Lab and Rendering