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The RevLink Extension enables you to create and post families of CET Designer articles. These families are then available and downloadable to architects, designers, dealers – anyone who helps to create buildings and office spaces – in order to design a truly realistic environment, populated with furniture and other accessories. 

The RevLink extension that used to run using a TCP/IP connection is now simpler and faster. Easy import and export features are now in place for you to be able to create families and to transfer drawings back and forth between Revit and CET Designer. Manufacturers and dealers can use the Family exporter feature to create components from CET Designer objects that they can distribute on their webpage or directly to the architects. The architect can then convert these components to Revit family files in Revit using the RevLink Add-In.

RevLink Add-In in Revit Architecture

In order to transfer files between Revit and CET Designer, the RevLink Add-In needs to be installed in Revit Architecture. In the RevLink Add-In, you will be able to export floor plans within a Revit file and also import furniture layouts and families received from CET Designer. 

Read more and download the Revlink Add-in installer here: 

→ Download RevLink Add-In installer


Contact Support

For assistance with this extension, please contact the CET Support team either by chat, email, or phone. You can reach them at the CET Support page: CET Designer Support.

You can also report issues/feature requests from the Help dropdown menu within CET.