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JSI New!


JSI is quality furniture for work + life. We are a family of individuals that pride ourselves on supplying customers with the highest quality furniture, while maintaining and building close relationships. The sincere love that we have for our craft and the people with whom we work is reflected through the culture we have cultivated since 1929. 

Partnering with CET has allowed us to make the JSI specifying experience that much easier. With easy-to-navigate tabs and organization, fully integrated schemes and stretching and continuous updates to our product offering, users can create inspiring spaces for today’s everchanging environments. 

For more information about JSI and our extension, please visit us.

 @jsifurniture #lovewhatyoudo

Contact Support

For general assistance with installation of the extension, please contact CET Support. For questions about JSI’s products or the extension, please contact customerservice@jaspergroup.us.com

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