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ChargeSpot is changing the way people access and interact with power. Our wireless charging product installs underneath table surfaces and allows mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to charge. Designers have long asked for a product to replace unsightly USBs and raceways in their tables; with ChargeSpot Wireless Charging that dream is now a reality.

ChargeSpot was created and produced by ChargeSpot Wireless Power Inc. and is sold through office furniture dealers across North America.

Our launch in CET Designer means that you can now easily enhance the client workplace experience by adding wireless charging. ChargeSpot provides the functionality and productivity boost that clients and teams are looking for by keeping everyone’s devices powered up.

Simple to use and simple to add to any project, our Catalogue focuses on one product: ChargeSpot, and allows you to provide quotes instantly.

If you are interested in ordering ChargeSpot or have any questions, please contact our Support Team at 1 (855) 219-6732 or sales@chargespot.com

To learn more visit www.chargespot.com

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