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CRM Connect


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We are currently offering an exclusive free trial to early adopters. To pick up on this offer, make sure to download the CRM Connect Extension before December 31, 2016. Starting January 1, 2017, the CRM Connect Extension will be available for purchase from the Marketplace.

Extension information

The CRM Connect Extension allows you to interact with your organization’s CRM system from within CET Designer. Features of this Extension include loading the latest project information from the CRM system, populating product databases in the CRM system, synchronizing opportunities with product line items, automatically generating quote numbers, as well as uploading reports generated in CET Designer to the CRM system.

The CRM Connect Extension supports Salesforce and Zoho CRM systems. Before you start using the CRM Connect Extension, please follow the instructions provided on the CET Designer Support webpage on how to set up your CRM for interfacing with CET Designer.