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The Developer Center is a meeting point for developers who create CET Designer Extensions. Here you will find tools to start developing and publish Extensions. Technical support, Developer wikis, documentation, and access to pre-release software will grant you everything you'll need to develop and distribute your Extensions.
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Earn money with CET Developer

By becoming a partner and develop Extensions for CET Designer, you can earn royalty on your Extensions. Thousands of professionals use CET Designer every day and we are constantly looking for talented programmers to add value to their experience.

CM — our own, unique programming language

We have developed our own, unique and innovative programing language, called CM. CM is uniquely adapted to be fast and easy to use. You can do incremental changes directly into a running application and immediately see the results. This allows you to be creative and innovative in the same time.
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A state of the art programming environment:
CET Developer Platform

As a member of the CET Developer Program you'll get access to the CET Developer Platform — a complete and comprehensive programming environment that can be used to produce CET Designer Extensions. Buy CET Developer at Marketplace.

Included in your membership as a CET Developer

Briefcase support
Publish environment

Become a member of the CET Developer Program

The CET Developer Program is for individuals and organizations interested in developing and selling solutions based on CET Designer, the main platform. The CET Developer Program includes the possibility for Partners to receive a monthly income from usage of their CET Designer Extensions.
An Extension is an add-on to CET Designer and you can sell your Extension on our Marketplace. If you, or your organization, become a partner you will get royalty from your sold licenses.
If you have any questions, please send us an email info@configura.com.