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Configura leads the industry in parametric software tools for automating, simplifying and accelerating the design, sales and order processes. We are a global company with customers in 10 countries and users in more than 50. We are headquartered in Linköping, Sweden, with two wholly owned subsidiaries in Grand Rapids, Mich., USA, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Working with us means responsibility and working with what interests you.

Job opportunities

We are always looking for new co-workers, above all, skilled programmers who have experience with object-orientated programming and Java, C# or C++ programming languages. We mainly program in C++ and our own programming language CM.

Students at Configura

Linköping, Sweden

Thesis projects
Configura is regularly looking for students who want to do their thesis work. If you have experience in object-oriented programming and Java, C# or C++, you might be interested in making your thesis work at Configura. Knowledge in 3D programming gives you an extra advantage, but is not required. Send your resume to career.sweden@configura.com.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Configura Kuala Lumpur is currently looking for developer interns. If you have a passion for programming and would love to take on a challenge, you might be interested in joining us over the semester break. Experience in object-oriented programming such as Java, C# or C++ would give you a head start. Send your resume to career.malaysia@configura.com.

Grand Rapids, USA

Interns and Co-ops
Configura in Grand Rapids is regularly looking for students who need a co-op or internship. If you have experience in object-oriented programming and Java, C# or C++, you might be interested in completing this at Configura. Knowledge in 3D programming gives you an extra advantage, but is not required. Send your resume to career.us@configura.com.

If you're interested in working at Configura, send your resume and a description of yourself to
career.sweden@configura.com, career.malaysia@configura.com or career.us@configura.com.

We believe in our core values. At Configura ...

... We are innovators

We founded Configura because we saw a need for a new product that had not yet been invented. This curiosity for new solutions still plays a prominent role at Configura. We continually seek new ideas and creativity in all of our employees. Our employees are inspired, engaged and work for new-thinking and lasting solutions that will increase business not only for Configura but also for our customers around the world.

... We are team players

At Configura, we are prestigeless, which means that we look to Configura's overall vision before personal gain and are open to reevaluation. We foster good communication and collaboration across teams, and we all work with the entire company's be st interests in mind. Therefore, all of our employees have a strong will to help each other to find the best possible solutions. To achieve good team spirit, we work in small, flexible teams that can respond quickly to customers’ needs and changing market conditions, and where each individual is valued and encouraged to contribute with his or her specific ideas and abilities.

... We are competent

Configura's employees come from varied academic and professional backgrounds. This functional mix of competencies and personalities in each team delivers organizational results and contributes to each associate's professional development. We pride ourselves on a low employee turnover, which has led to a high level of expertise and competence. We continue to invest in future development through education, training and companysponsored physical fitness programs.

... We are leaders

Each individual plays a valuable part in the development of Configura. Our leaders inspire and motivate, because their main responsibility is to empower all employees. Our leaders are role models who encourage every employee to take initiative and responsibility for individual projects.

... We are committed

We're driven by innovation, longevity and simplicity, and we have high ambitions for the future. As innovators in our field, we don’t just settle for being leaders; we also want to be the obvious choice for any company in need of configuration and space-planning solutions. We’re on our way to achieving this goal. And we’re having fun getting there.

People at Configura

  • Tim Deemter

    Production Team Manager

    I enjoy problem solving and coming up with innovative solutions. My focus as a production team manager on the CET Designer platform is to ensure productivity and delivery of amazing Extensions to our customers, and to empower my team to produce new and innovative solutions. The iterative process of developing a solid solution makes me excited to go to work each day.

    I love the fact that we program everything at Configura, because it means that I never have to say no to a customer. We can always solve the problem in some fashion, and we do it in unique and creative ways. We always go above and beyond - not only to solve our customers' and partners' immediate problems but also to root out and address any underlying issues that they might not have thought about.

    We have different ways to achieve these innovative solutions, but one way we do this is by listening to our customers, partners and users. I always learn a lot when talking with users. I find out what they like, which often surprises me, and also what they want to do differently, which I usually find enlightening.

    Another contributing factor to our ability to innovate is our open atmosphere. Employees at Configura feel open about speaking on even terms and exchanging knowledge with each other. I believe this culture makes us a more creative and innovative place to work than traditional companies.

  • WanLin Chee

    Business Development Manager

    There are many reasons why people are committed to their jobs. To me, the main reason is that they love what they do. This spirit is very spot-on at Configura - we simply love what we do, and it shows.

    I'm one of the new additions to the Configura family, but I felt like a part of the company from day one. A big reason was because my colleagues were generous with support and training. They helped me to become a part of the team, learn about our solutions and get ready for new challenges in my career.

    The love for what we do becomes very apparent when you see the results from our customers around the globe. We give our customers first-class solutions and support, help them to grow, simplify their work and improve their current sales process. We don't do this because we have to, but because we take pride in our solutions.

    We are also committed to our users. We have an open climate and dialogue where we welcome feedback, feature requests and even bug reports. We want to be the best and constantly work toward that goal.

    As a business development manager in our Kuala Lumpur office, I'm committed to bringing our technology and solutions to the Asia-Pacific region. Parametric Graphical Configuration is a new solution in this market, and I see huge potential to increase profitability by guiding companies toward a more modern, simpler and professional sales and order process.

    In addition to the passion for our work, we understand our roles and responsibilities. We give our best to make everything that we work on a success. That's the commitment of Team Configura.

  • Jennie Knutsson

    Senior Application Developer

    Next year, I'll celebrate 20 years at Configura. It's been a wonderful and exciting journey to see Configura grow from only eight employees when I first started to almost 100 people who are in four offices on three continents.

    I work as a project leader and a programmer on the Configura platform. One of the great things about the work that I do is - no matter if you've worked here for one or 15 years - there are always new things to learn. Our code continually improves as better methods are invented by Configura and others.

    The work climate at Configura is collaborative, meaning that we help each other out. We ask for advice as often as we help a colleague. We share our competencies and spread knowledge. Configura is all about team work!

    The benefits of this collaborative spirit have become even more apparent as the company has grown. Stretching our talents across the continents, Configura's programmers have different cultural and educational backgrounds. I see this diversity of competencies and body of knowledge within our organization as a major strength.

    Another strength is our flexibility. A programmer with experience in only a couple of customizations won't have difficulty switching to an unfamiliar customization - even if the products are quite different.

    Being able to help out on different teams also let us see what problems are common among our customers and learn in order to develop solutions for the future. We can suggest good solutions for our customers' challenges - solutions that will take them to the next level.

    So, we say to our customers: Rather than coming to us with a pre-defined solution and asking us to program it, explain your problem, and we will find a solution. Trust our competence - this is what we are good at! Perhaps we will solve even more than you asked for.

  • Allan Lindahl

    Team Manager

    I enjoy working at Configura because every day offers a new challenge with many exciting problems to solve. I'm the team manager for our office team on the Configura platform where I manage a great group of application developers.

    Part of my job is to guide the group and help them to understand, appreciate and accept the directives that we have at Configura. However, being a leader at Configura is first and foremost about empowering the individual and the group as a whole. It's important to think about how to unite people in order to create a stronger group.

    My job is to encourage and let my team feel confident in both good times and bad, and inspire them to grow, dare and want to improve. One way I do this is to trust the individuals on my team to manage their own projects. As a team manager, I still have the main responsibility for what the group delivers but, since the individuals in my group are experts in their specific roles, my leadership role is more of an academic nature.

    As a leader, it's important for me to let go of what's working great and to encourage individuals to take on more visible roles - but, I'm always available and can be quick to help when needed. It's really not that hard, because everyone in the group helps each other to grow stronger together.

    I have a great team that I trust, and I keep reminding them that it's better to try and fail rather than to not try at all. That's when you can create great things.

  • Kendra Steinhaus

    Support and Training Specialist

    Working at Configura is a different playing field. I'm on the Support and Training team, and the positive and creative atmosphere among us is infectious. We're team players, problem solvers, inventors and leaders. We continually care for and help each other out as well as challenge one another to become even better at what we do.

    My dealership background strengthens my role as a Support and Training specialist at Configura, where I bring this same team spirit to our users - I can understand and relate to their challenges and frustrations. Being able to step back into their shoes and speak from experience lets me connect and coach them through the problem in a timely and educational way.

    Teamwork and communication are key at Configura. We sit close together, so we can easily reach out and help each other with tricky problems. Since we work so closely together, it's amazing to see how one person can make or break a team and also lift it up when we are down.

    The same goes for the company as a whole. Being team players lets us reach for mutual goals in the best interests of the company and our partners. Configura's positive atmosphere encourages the attitude of "no matter what problem we're facing, together, we will be a part of the solution."

    We've been called a "bright, quirky Swedish company" - which I think perfectly describes us - and we've gotten here because we're team players. Teamwork makes the dream work!

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