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Connectrac Designer



Connectrac® Innovative Products and Solutions is a breakthrough modular wireway alternative to expensive core drilling. Our product brings power and communications from the wall to the user in all interior applications. With two core products and many options, discover how you can meet the demands of your projects affordably, quickly and with long term flexibility.

Connectrac Wireway Systems consist of shallow center aluminum tracks with removable aluminum caps, which form a cabling pathway. The products are designed to provide power, voice and data connectivity in a wide array of spaces such as conference rooms, training rooms, workstation areas, fitness centers and many other solutions. Our latest generation of integrated wireway seamlessly integrates with carpet and other floor coverings. Along both sides of the center wireway portion are low-sloping ramps, which allow the flooring to gradually rise up and become flush with the removable wireway top cap. Connectrac offers solutions which are simple, economical and flexible.

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