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Element Plus


Element Plus is a group of suppliers for interior furnishing products such as furniture, carpet, partition system and green plant solution. We have the passion to develop new products, or source new products for clients. We had worked with many interior design firms and architects in the business and enjoyed blogging about our projects to create interests in the trade. We committed to providing customers with high-quality goods and services, effectively reducing costs, saving delivery time and perfect presentation of the final results. Our service follows the concept of innovation, objectivity, professionalism, reliability and persistence in providing customers with solutions and ease of experience.
In 2014, we joined hands with our business partners for many years to include a project accumulation of more than ten years, relying on the support of high-quality office furniture brands to provide services to multinational companies. Jointly create the enterprise platform Element Plus and start independent product development.
Element Plus CET Designer contains product displays from elegant brands from all over the world. We are look forward to working with you and to plan and create inspirational modern interior design. If you are an Element Plus distributor and want more details, please contact us as following email address.
Mail: info @ elementplus.com.cn

Contact Support

If you want more help, please contact us through the following webpage, email or phone. You are also welcomed to make an appointment to visit our exhibition hall.

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