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Acoustic facts


Acousticfacts is a platform to facilitate calculation and modelling of acoustic characteristics in ordinary rooms. The calculation is based on the international calculation model ISO 12354-6 and the evaluation of sound absorption characteristics of products should follow ISO 20189 or ISO 11654. By creating a room in this platform, the reverberation time can be calculated for the empty room and after that it will be possible to optimize the reverberation time in the room by adding furniture, ceiling or wall absorbers ito the room, preassuming they are measured and evaluated according to above. If the products is not yet available in the acousticfacts database you can test the calculation module with som generic products appearing when starting the calculation, provided by acousticfacts. However, be aware that these products cannot be used to arrive in a correct estimation.

Welcome to a new modern platform to create better indoor acoustic climate in rooms workplaces, schools and any other public or private buildings.

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