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$50.00 / year
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Instant AR Link



Instant AR makes showing CET Designer designs in augmented reality easy. Simply export your design to the Instant AR service and send the link to your phone or tablet.


Supported devices:

iPhone 6s or above

iPads (iPad Pro 9.7, 10.5, 12.9 and 2017 iPad)


Instructions for use: 

  1. Extension: Install a trial from the marketplace or purchase the extension.
  2. Design a configuration in CET Designer. When finished, click on the InstantAR button to get a link; send the link to your phone via email/Facebook messenger/Slack or other similar platforms. Please note: when you do this for the first time, the link will prompt you to download the app so you don't have to search it inside the appstore.  Open the link on your phone, you will be automatically directed to InstantAR app. View your design in live AR using InstantAR app. This will be the same process when you share the links with your clients.
  3. You must have iPhone 6s or above. The app also works on iPads (iPad Pro 9.7, 10.5, 12.9 and 2017 iPad).

Texting functionality (texting the link that includes the design to a client) will be included in the yearly cost until June 1st. After that date, email functionality will be free and we will decide how to handle texting costs (these can be high in some countries).



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