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Oi Furniture


Fun. Easy. Eco. These are the values that underpin Cellular™ by Oi. Having been installed in commons and lounge areas across North America, early adopters marvel at how fun, flexible, scaleable, creative, and colourful their environments have become since their installation. 

Cellular™ not only evokes creativity and collaboration, but also reminds people about their day-to-day choices as it pertains to their environmental footprint. Constructed from 100% recyclable moulded plastic, moulded foam, and individual cushions slip covers there is minimal waste at the beginning and end of this modular systems life.

A single seat being comprised of a base with any three cushions (Arm, Back, and Seat), assembly and reconfigure can be done by a four year old and requires no tools! When multiple seats are ganged together, there are thousands of possible seating configurations which enable flexibility for environments large and small.

Made in Canada, the attention to quality material and construction is second to none and built to endure the wear of high traffic environments. Considering all of the above mentioned value the Cellular™ modular seating system is reasonability priced.

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