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KI SpecEngine - Architectural Wall



KI manufactures innovative furniture and movable wall system solutions for education, healthcare, government and corporate markets. The employee-owned global company is headquartered in Green Bay, Wis. Its subsidiaries include KI UK Ltd., KI East Asia Sdn. Bhd, KI Nova Scotia, KI Canada and KI India. To provide additional benefits to its global customers, KI also has sales offices and licensed manufacturing facilities throughout the world, including in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, India, China and other Asian countries. KI tailors products and service solutions to the specific needs of each customer through its unique design and manufacturing philosophy.

The KI SpecEngine extension contains Architectural Wall products for planning full height wall solutions. Please contact KI for additional information regarding training, licenses, and additional Systems/Loose/Fixed Seating specifying solutions by sending an email to info@ki.com.

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For assistance with installation/licensing of this extension please contact the CET Support team either by chat, email, or phone. You can reach them at the CET Support page: CET Designer Support.

You can also report issues/feature requests from the Help dropdown menu within CET. For further assistance with features and functionality within the extension, or product-related questions, please send in a ticket directly from CET via Help > Report Issue with Attached Drawing or contact the manufacturer (information below.)