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Imagine designing a space and specifying furnishings in half the time; abandoning disparate software programs in favor of a single solution; letting software handle the technical details with complete accuracy; producing visualizations of a designed space in full photorealistic clarity, even in video and virtual reality; and doing this all before a single cent is spent on furniture. CET Designer and OFS make this possibility

For help with the OFS Extension please email us at etools@ofs.com


Contact Support

For assistance with installation/licensing of this extension please contact the CET Support team either by chat, email, or phone. You can reach them at the CET Support page: CET Designer Support.

You can also report issues/feature requests from the Help dropdown menu within CET. For further assistance with features and functionality within the extension, or product-related questions, please send in a ticket directly from CET via Help > Report Issue with Attached Drawing or contact the manufacturer (information below.)

For assistance with any OFS extension related issues, please contact our etools team!

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