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Catalogue Browser



The Catalogue Browser enables you to browse through online Catalogues from different manufacturers and place their products into your drawing in CET Designer. Just pick the Catalogues that interest you and the program will automatically download the product into your drawing. Because the structure of the Catalogue Browser, the content can constantly be updated with the latest products and materials from multiple manufacturers, which means you’re always up to date!

Catalogues is a brand new concept we created for manufacturers and is a fast way to enter products and get started with CET Designer. Products are entered through standardized code and stored in an online database. Because all our CET Designer users can download the Catalogue Browser to access public Catalogues, it is a great way for manufacturers to reach new customers. Manufacturers that want to have their products in the Catalogue Browser can read more about how to get started with Catalogues here: https://www.configura.com/products/catalogue-creator

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