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Want to challenge yourself and create the future of space planning?

Configura leads the industry in parametric software tools for automating, simplifying and accelerating the design, sales and order processes. We are a global company with customers in 10 countries and users in more than 50. We are headquartered in Linköping, Sweden, with two wholly owned subsidiaries in Grand Rapids, Mich., USA, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Working with us means responsibility and working with what interests you.

Job opportunities

We are currently looking for new co-workers, above all, skilled programmers who have experience with object-orientated programming and Java, C# or C++ programming languages. We mainly program in C++ and our own programming language CM. Send your resume to career@configura.com.

Linköping, Sweden

Application consultants (in Swedish).

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Software Quality Assurance Analyst
Technical Software Quality Assurance Analyst
Software Developer
Junior Software Developer

Grand Rapids, USA


Students at Configura

Linköping, Sweden

Thesis projects
Configura is regularly looking for students who want to do their thesis work. If you have experience in object-oriented programming and Java, C# or C++, you might be interested in making your thesis work at Configura. Knowledge in 3D programming gives you an extra advantage, but is not required. Send your resume to career@configura.com.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Configura Kuala Lumpur is currently looking for developer interns. If you have a passion for programming and would love to take on a challenge, you might be interested in joining us over the semester break. Experience in object-oriented programming such as Java, C# or C++ would give you a head start. Send your resume to career@configura.com.

Grand Rapids, USA

Interns and Co-ops
Configura in Grand Rapids is regularly looking for students who need a co-op or internship. If you have experience in object-oriented programming and Java, C# or C++, you might be interested in completing this at Configura. Knowledge in 3D programming gives you an extra advantage, but is not required. Send your resume to career@configura.com.

If you're interested in working at Configura, send your resume and a description of yourself to career@configura.com.

We believe in our core values. At Configura ...

... We are innovators

We founded Configura because we saw a need for a new product that had not yet been invented. This curiosity for new solutions still plays a prominent role at Configura. We continually seek new ideas and creativity in all of our employees. Our employees are inspired, engaged and work for new-thinking and lasting solutions that will increase business not only for Configura but also for our customers around the world.

... We are team players

At Configura, we are prestigeless, which means that we look to Configura's overall vision before personal gain and are open to reevaluation. We foster good communication and collaboration across teams, and we all work with the entire company's be st interests in mind. Therefore, all of our employees have a strong will to help each other to find the best possible solutions. To achieve good team spirit, we work in small, flexible teams that can respond quickly to customers’ needs and changing market conditions, and where each individual is valued and encouraged to contribute with his or her specific ideas and abilities.

... We are competent

Configura's employees come from varied academic and professional backgrounds. This functional mix of competencies and personalities in each team delivers organizational results and contributes to each associate's professional development. We pride ourselves on a low employee turnover, which has led to a high level of expertise and competence. We continue to invest in future development through education, training and companysponsored physical fitness programs.

... We are leaders

Each individual plays a valuable part in the development of Configura. Our leaders inspire and motivate, because their main responsibility is to empower all employees. Our leaders are role models who encourage every employee to take initiative and responsibility for individual projects.

... We are committed

We're driven by innovation, longevity and simplicity, and we have high ambitions for the future. As innovators in our field, we don’t just settle for being leaders; we also want to be the obvious choice for any company in need of configuration and space-planning solutions. We’re on our way to achieving this goal. And we’re having fun getting there.

People at Configura

  • Years at Configura: 6 years


    Family: Wife: Renee 2 Sons: Logan and Dylan

    Hobbies: Homebrew beer, Do it yourself home remodeling, Reading, Bowling, Golf, Video games

    Favorite spot: SMy home in the countryside of Dorr, MI

    Tim Deemter, Project Manager &Senior Application Consultant

    Raised in a renovated Farmhouse in Dorr, MI, Tim Deemter is a problem solver that enjoys brewing his own beer and playing video games.

    As a Project Manager at Configura, Tim manage many different accounts but at the end of the day he primarily sees himself as a developer and that’s where he tries to spend the majority of his time. A regular day involves a lot of coffee and disappearing into the code and hopefully not coming up until lunch.

    “I enjoy solving problems. The iterative process that it takes to come up with a solid solution is what makes me excited to go to work each day.”

    Tim believes that one of the best things about Configura is the open atmosphere. He says that because any employee can speak on even terms with any other employee, Configura is a more creative and innovative place to work than traditional companies

    His favorite thing about the software is talking and learning from the users.

    “We have great users that are active in improving CET Designer. I learn a lot when I get a chance to talk to them. I find out what they like, which often surprises me, and also what they want different, which is usually enlightening.”

  • Years at Configura: 6 years


    Family: Married

    Hobbies: Running, cooking (especially barbeque), music and of course computer programming. I have also found a new passion in cross-country skiing.

    Favorite spot: The Swedish mountains. Especially during the winter.

    Unknown talent: I make an awesome chili.

    Jonas Ölund, Senior Application Consultant

    From lab-rat to computer technician to software developer, Jonas Ölund now spends his time turning ideas and requirements into a working product.

    Born in the cold north of Sweden, Jonas has made his way south to Configura’s Linköping office, working in the R&D/core team to improve the core functionalities of the Configura platform. He says he has always been interested in computers, ever since he wrote his first program on the C64 as a young kid.

    “There are always new and interesting problems that need to be solved. Solving problems is one of the things that drove me into software development in the first place.”

    Jonas thinks one of the best things about working at Configura is that the company lets its employees grow. He likes working with customers all around the world as it always leads to new and exciting experiences.

    “A day at Configura is stimulating and no day is quite like the other. Since the world around us is ever changing you always face new and interesting problems to solve.”

  • Years at Configura: 1.5 years

    Age:25 going to 26

    Family: Family of 5, an elder sister and a younger brother

    Hobbies: Sleeping! If that’s valid. Alternatively, I like travel, board games, and reading (horror stories to be exact)

    Favorite spot: Sport? Hiking and swimming . Spot? My cozy bed!

    Unknown talent: it is unknown for a reason :)

    Maylee Lai, QA Analyst

    With a Bachelor of Science degree in biotechnology, Maylee’s career took a turn for software development when she got involved in 3D printing.

    Today she utilizes her 3D knowledge in her work as a QA Analyst at Configura. She compares the company to a big family.

    "Everyone looks out for one another. If you come across a problem, there is always someone to help or guide you. Everyone has something to offer; each is a teacher."

    As a QA analyst, she loves diving into software design. The most rewarding part of her work is interacting with the end users.

    “I like knowing that we’ve made users happy. They really appreciate when you show them some cool tips that help them work faster. Also, by interacting with our users, you hear some really brilliant ideas from them.”

    Maylee was born in Ipoh, the capital city of Perak, a state north of Kuala Lumpur. She currently lives in Petaling Jaya, which is about 20 kilometers from Configura’s office. In her spare time, she loves traveling and meeting people: “There is so much to see and learn,” she says.

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